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2 Dates on Valentine's Day

Okay, so the title makes you think, "Scandalous!" I had two dates with B, so there goes that tea. LOL.  B and I had an early dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Fiorillo's. If you ever make it to the Bay, you must get there for dinner.  As a girl who is part Sicilian, grew up knowing the joy of great Italian food, and is extremely picky about where she eats it, this restaurant is the real deal.  In my humble opinion, Italian food should be judged by the marinara sauce and the lasagna and both make you want to melt into your seat.  It's the best restaurant Italian food I've ever had. I'm going to stop there because I may have to stop writing to go get a to-go order. LOL.  

Swiftly moving on...so I know the "to do" thing was to go and see 50 shades, but the thought of standing in a long theater line for a seat right underneath the movie screen wasn't our idea of fun and we weren't really pressed to see it.  Let me know if it's worth seeing. We came home watched a movie ON DEMAND, instead.  We saw the movie, "Dear White People," which was an indie film that won a host of awards.  Don't let the title put you off, it's good. Then we decided to play miniature golf and go to an arcade.  The thought of wearing a tutu to play miniature just didn't sound comfortable, so I slipped on these leopard pants and added some jewelry. My Valentine's Day was so much fun and relaxed. I sometimes think  we can get caught up in the pressure to have this elaborate day planned, but just being together and doing the simple stuff can be fun too.  I cried real tears when B took 16 strokes to make it into one hole (of course this was after he clowned me for the 12 strokes I took before him).   Please note that I won our V-day putting competition. #bloop 

Style Notes: I didn't know what I was wearing on Valentine's Day with B until the last minute.  I had been looking around, but before I knew it Valentine's Day snuck up on me.  I just shopped my closet for items that I already had. Some of the items are unavailable because I've had them awhile, but I'll link to similar items at the bottom of the post.  Cool tidbit about the leather jacket is that it comes with a piece that zips on and off and allows for two looks...one that is cropped and one that has a peplum hem. 

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