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My Favorite Plus Size Budget Friendly Online Shops

The word "affordable" is something that is talked about a lot, especially on my social channels. I think it's important to note that affordable can mean something different to each person and their personal budget.  For me, I put clothing in the affordable category if it's $50 and under.  I will always be a hi-low shopper. Meaning that I mix low end pieces with higher end pieces, but you may want to know where I find my affordable or do my "low" shopping.  Low end shopping doesn't always mean that you are sacrificing quality either. I love to shop places where I can get higher end clothing that is marked down due to season changes.  Here are some of my go to places: - A sister site to Zappos, 6pm carries a lot of department store brands and items are priced high and low. You can find some great bargain with plus size clothing and shoes. Personally, I like to scoop up workout clothes from here. I also like to shop Rachel Pally here because it's usually marked down half or more. 

Hautelook - 3 words: SAMPLE SALE SITE - So this site will run a sample sale for about a week.  They list a variety of items, but they do a plus size sale every couple of months.  Sign up for the email notification, so you'll know when the plus sample sale is on it's way. I also buy a lot of home goods and beauty products here. 

Ideel - This used to be a sample sale site, but they turned into a regular shopping site. Find a lot of your favorite brands marked down, plus some brands you didn't know about.  I bought my patent leather skirt from my birthday look here

Nordstrom Rack - Y'all know I know Nordstrom, but I love Nordstrom Rack too.  I'm so glad they are online now.  I cruise this site for quality leggings, large size shoes, and marked down City Chic. 

SaksOffFifth - Last year I scored a $700 Marina Rinaldi jacket for $75 from this site. (As you can see, I'm still happy about this moment). SaksOffFifth deeply discounts a lot of the high end brands they carry in Saks.  One of the pricier of my "low" shopping, but this is a good place to get some of those special event cocktail dresses. 

Rebdolls - I've worn quite a few of their pieces. Great for party clothes and I see they are doing more casual everyday pieces.  They go up to a 4X and it isn't jr. sizing.

I've said this before, but can't stress it enough. When I am shopping, I never look to clean up.  I rarely buy more than 2 pieces of clothing at any store or website (except Asos lol) at even given time and usually never more than 5 - 7 from one store in an entire season (except Asos again LOL).  I shop a variety of places and love to mix and match. I would look at these places just like that, multiple places you can mix and match.  Also, some of these sites (and I think it's b/c of the markdown/budget aspect) don't showcase the clothing the best.  Don't automatically discount the item. I would encourage to imagine the item on yourself as opposed to how it's being modeled. 

Sidenote: I didn't mention Forever21 for a couple of reasons. The first is that most people know about them.  The second is that they are jr plus sizes that run small and a lot of people get sized out.  I know there are a lot of pieces that I can't wear due to cut and I didn't want to state the obvious.  


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