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Saturday Casual

This is a different look for me. I'm usually very feminine and decided to play with a more masculine color palette while still be comfortable and casual for my day of shopping and lunch with my husband.  I wanted to point out that for those who want to wear pencil skirts, but don't feel comfortable with the form fitting silhouette of a pencil skirt around your tummy area, you can wear a button down over the skirt and don't tuck in.  When I wear this sort of combination, I feel more relaxed as well, free, and sort of boho.  I felt very Lisa Bonet in this look. LOL.  

Style Note:  Please excuse my car seatbelt wrinkle, this shirt easily picked up wrinkles from the seat belt and just general sitting.  Also, I did buy this shirt in a size 24.  I knew I wanted it to be oversized.  You can get a smaller fit, but I already knew how I wanted to wear it.  Also, I'm not sure why the necklace photographed purple, but it more of a pink.  The sun was bright, and so the lighting was probably the issue, but my last outfit post has a more accurate photo. 

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