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Mixing Prints for Beginners

Mixing Prints for beginners
Mixing prints can be intimidating, especially for style beginners. I wanted to break down mixing prints for the "beginner mixer" in hopes of helping you do a little mixing of your own.  Here are some tips for getting your mix on! 
  • Each print has a common color - For easy mixing, choose prints that have a common color running through both prints. 
  • Start out with two prints - It can get a little complicated with more than one.  Mix two, master that first and then experiment with three. I most often mix 2 prints and on occasion add in a third.  
  • Mix prints with a similar saturation - By saturation, I mean intensity.  Mixing pastel prints compliment each other and mixing jewel tone (think jewel tones: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, etc) compliment each other.  
  • Put a solid between the two prints - Think of your body as a sort of placement map.  Let's say your top is printed, your pants/skirt is solid, and your shoes or bag are printed.  It breaks up the pattern and is a super easy way to dabble in mixing. 
  • Black & White prints mix easily - I've rarely seen two black and white prints that didn't look good together.  Black/White Polka Dots & black/white stripes are always a winning combination to me. 
  • Treat Leopard as a Neutral Solid - In my head, leopard is a nude solid.  I've paired with polka dots, houndstooth, etc.  You'll be surprised how easily it mixes. 
  • Trust your eye - I get a feeling from a lot of the looks that I wear.  I say to myself, "Yes! This is perfect." or "No, this isn't it." One thing that I told myself from the start of this blog and even before that.  If it's fabulous to me, then I'm wearing it! 
  • Have fun! - Don't get so tied up in the rules that fashion is no longer fun.  As a person who has been getting dressed in front of you guys for 6 years, I make sure that when it doesn't feel like fun, I switch up my style. 


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