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Tips for Wearing All White

tips on wearing all white
If you are a reader of this blog, you will know that I am no stranger to throwing on all white.  It's not an easy color to wear. White highlights everything on your body, the good and not so good.  Now if you are one of those people who just throw on all white without a thought. I applaud you.
 Swimsuits and wearing all white are two things, I still very much try to do in a way that looks best on my body.   I had a few people ask me about wearing white, so let's get into these tips. 

Wear white pants in the summer with this shapewear hack - Shapewear in the summer sucks.  Shapewear under the pants that cut you off mid-thigh sucks too.  I do have a Capri Shaper, but it's entirely too hot to wear that under your pants in the spring/summer, so I take a pair a panty hose.   You will want to find some that are a bad fit, particularly a pair that is too short.  Cut off the feet and slip those underneath your pants.  For me, cellulite is always an issue under white pants.  The hosiery allows me to have a cooler option, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and not have that line mid thigh caused from the short style shapewear.

Don't skimp on the quality fabric - You will want to gravitate towards a heavier fabric.  Thin white fabric is going to magnify any issue (even when wearing shapewear) even more.  This may mean you will have to pay a little more than usual for your pants, but crappy white fabric will show everything including your underwear. Pictured above are white pants from the Isabel Toledo Collection from Lane Bryant. They were a little pricier, but after I had tried them on, I knew they were worth it. The fabric, cut, and quality are hard to find in that color and plus size.  The Rebdolls set has a triple layered (yes tripled) skirt.  In my humble opinion (and this something I live my shopping life by) the better the fabric, the better you will look. 

Self Acceptance - Being completely honest I am not a fan of my cellulite, but I've had it since I was 10 and have accepted it.  With that being said,  I will have the appearance of cellulite, even when wearing shapewear.  It is reduced, but it still will be there.  So the question is, do you still wear the item or not? For me, if I feel I look fabulous, cellulite and all, then I will wear it.  Cellulite tends to appear more on the back of my legs, but I loved the look, so I wore the look. 

Fit and Flare - So you may be saying to yourself, "I want to wear all white, but I don't want to put the work into it." Opt for a fit and flare dress/skirt.  These are dresses/skirts that fit the waist and flare out. These look great on all body types. 


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