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Secrets of a Bargain Hunter

Hi all!  I've got an exciting announcement.  I'll be partnering with Ross through the end of the year to bring you some amazing and budget friendly fashion posts.  I'm excited for a few reasons. One is that I am a frequent Ross shopper from everything to home goods, to clothing, to things for Shug.
 I'm also excited because I know so many of you love Ross and have expressed in my comments often.  Finally, this is a chance for us to do some bargain shopping together, come up with some great looks,  share some bargain hunting tips, and save some coinage.  You guys know I am adamant about hi/lo mixing.  Ross is awesome for finding those "lo" price pieces that are designer, not to mention, as far as off-priced department stores, Ross has the one of the most populated plus size sections with a lot of items to chose from.  I'll be bringing you some bargain hunting tips throughout my posts, so let's get into the first few. 

Bargain Hunting Tips
  • Know what day your Ross delivery truck delivers the new shipment of items.  Usually, I just ask a sales associate, but I know my nearest Ross delivers on Wednesday.  That's great to know especially if you are looking for furniture items.  By the weekend, things have been sifted through and I'd rather have first dibs. 
  • Check the clearance first.  I've found awesome under $10 plus size clothing finds just by checking there first. 
  • Buy off season.  For example, look for next winter's coat at the end of winter for the next year, get a great deal and have you coat ready to go when the weather changes. 
  • Ross is a great place for department store items at bargain prices, become familiar with your favorite department store designer labels, so you will can grab them up when you see them. 
Also, Ross is having a $200 gift card giveaway contest for voting on spring style shoes.  You can enter here at their Facebook page.  Stay tuned for more bargain hunting tips and some fun outfits.  Have your own Ross bargain hunting tips? Feel free to share them below.  

Thank you Ross for sponsoring this post. 

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