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T-Shirt & Jeans Do Exist for Plus Size Girls

Circa 2009, I was going to to movies with two of my besties. (Just a little back story, but my friends before blogging have all been thin.  I was always the fat girl of the group.) My best girlfriend is 6'1 modelesque looks, legs for days, and athletic build and my best guy friend is 6'2, works out a lot, with an athletic build.  Now you are starting to draw a picture.  We are going to the movies, so we are getting ready, and I come out of my bedroom in a thrifted sundress and sandals.
 My girlfriend is in a t-shirt and jeans, and guy friend is in cargo shorts and a tee.  Now both of them are clowning me for "dressing up." Now my friend with her runway model stature looks amazing in a t-shirt and jeans the same goes for my guy friend.  In 2009, jeans and t-shirt did not exist for me, and it is hard to make people understand with certain body types, that as to where they can throw on that classic combination and still look good.  To this day, this story is still recanted to me by male BFF of how I threw on a "ball gown" to go to the movies.  You see how rumors get started. LOL.  This was still a time in plus sizes where there still weren't a lot of options, and a simple thing like finding a t-shirt that fit you correctly was still very hard to do. 

Now here it is 2015, and I get to enjoy the casual luxury of wearing the beloved t-shirt and jeans, and it was all because the $10 v-neck tee that was brought back by AVA & VIV.  I first discovered the $10 tee when I was in Dallas after just complaining that I could never wear the t-shirt and jeans combo without looking like I was about to clean the house. The $10 tee from Target has been a staple in my closet ever since.  I use them to travel, workout in, and also to pair with things like jeans and flare skirts.  When I visited the Target headquarters, this was one of my first questions. "Are you bringing back the $10 tee?" LOL. I wasn't playing.  It has a perfect fit and not too much give or stretch. Too much stretch in a t-shirt can make it roll up, and too much give can cause the t-shirt to lose shape easily.   It used to have a  mini pocket but was removed. I'd like to see some crew necks added as well.  

A lot of you have noticed that I've started wearing pants more. It's because the plus size options are getting better, and I feel like I can look great both casually and dressed up. Three years ago, I didn't feel like that, which is probably one of the reasons for this blog.  I always felt like that since I'm big, I have to have a certain upkeep and appearance.  In the last year, I've allowed myself to relax a little more and to be okay with being comfortable. Although this is not one of my elaborate looks, I feel really pretty in this simple look. 

Style Notes:  Shoes are from Lane Bryant, but you may not recognize them.  I cut off the angled strap.  The jeans are by Carmakoma.  They are super comfortable with a lot of stretch.  I am wearing the XL or the size 24. The t-shirt is a size 2X. 

Tee - Target, Shoes - Lane Bryant, Jeans - c/o Carmakoma, Bag - TJMaxx (in-store)

This post was sponsored by Target, all opinions are my own. 

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