My Reality Show...well sort of - Garnerstyle

My Reality Show...well sort of

So many of you have told me; we would love to see you on youtube. Personally, I loathe YouTube. It doesn't feel natural to me, so I've been thinking for years now of how I could make it feel more authenticate, real, and like myself.  
Hats off to those are are talented do those tutorials and such! With the help of some extremely talented people, I can bring you Garnerstyle & Co, a reality web series about my life as a blogger, business woman, and fur mom.  My goal is to bring you two episodes per month.  

I've gotten approached by so many people pitching me to be on their reality shows and just am very weary giving someone else complete control of portraying me.  Reality shows (and I'm not knocking them b/c I love to watch them) tend to post people in a very negative light.  For me, I am a positive person, love my life and who I am.  There is also the issue with plus size reality shows and the depiction of people over a certain size. While I think there is value in portraying all types of plus size people, the girl who likes herself, happy, who is plus size, and living her life to the fullest is often not depicted.  We are often lazy, sad, eating all the time (which is just nonsense), low confidence, etc.  People do exist in this world that are like that, and they exist in big and little bodies.  This is not a judgement on those people, I would just like to bring a little balance to the arena and I thought this would be a super cool project to do.   So without further adieu, Garnerstyle & Co

Style Notes:  This tunic was a $10 budget find from City Chic.  You'll want to check their outlet section, nothing is over $10.  I got it in an XL, which is a 22/25. It does have stretch.  I've tried these on before at Nordstrom and just love the shape.  You can find similar here

Here are some looks from the video

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Tunic - City Chic, Shoes - Lane Bryant, Necklace - Ideel
(You'll want to note that more details on the looks are in the details of the video on YouTube here.

Special thanks to:
Michael Payton Multimedia -Editing
AJ Starr - Music
JeRon McReynolds - Camera

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