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Traveling Shirts

Some of you guys hung out with me via social when I ventured over to Miami for the weekend.  Looking at these pictures, I sad that I'm not there enjoying the beach, the sun, and just relaxing. Waahhhhhhhh! Being in that beachy environment and wanting to vacation, but knowing I had a meeting to attend (because for some reason the work follows me LOL) I need to be able to pack items that would work well for what I was doing.  I packed a couple of shirts from Foxcroft to get me through my trip.  The blue and white shirt was super lightweight and worked well with the humid climate and had me meeting ready, appropriate, but most importantly still cool. I also just a simple white shirt, which traveled well and didn't need ironing, as a cover.  In Miami anything goes, you can choose to cover up after you leave the beach or not, but for me I like have a shirt I can throw on top of my suit. I forgot how that southeast weather can be unpredictable.  One minute the sun is shining, the next minute there is a monsoon. 

Style Notes:  Both button ups are in a size 22, which what I usually order.  I've said it before, but the fit on these shirts are great. There is no stretch, but the arms fit perfectly. Both shirts traveled great, the blue and white shirt particularly is designed to be wrinkle free, so NO IRONING. LOL.  

Blue/White Shirt | White Burnout Shirt | Skirt | Swimsuit - Forever21 (soldout)

This post was sponsored by Foxcroft, all opinions are my own. 


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