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Garnerstyle for Rebdolls

I'm so excited to announce and release my capsule collection with Rebdolls, Garnerstyle for Rebdolls.  I've been wanting to do something like this for a while and know that I have a folder with everything I want to create for plus sizes just waiting, so when Rebdolls reached out, I was ready to go. I knew the first collection I would do would be nautical inspired. Some of you who have been with me for  years know that I have always loved the nautical look.  The color palette itself gives you a chic and expensive look even when the items are budget friendly, which is what happened here. Chic, comfortable, and budget friendly. The collection is priced between $26.50 - $58 from sizes S to a 5X in some pieces.

Styles Notes:  I've already had a lot of questions about how the sizing runs.  My top is an 16/18 and bottom is a 26, so I'm going to run through the pieces to give insight. 

  • Off the Shoulder Crop - Got a 2X and I would normally wear a 2X - shirt has little give. 
  • Straight Maxi Skirt - Got a 3X and would normally get a 3X - skirt has a small amount of give, but not much.
  • Khaki Dress - Got a 4X. This is structured, but the dress does have stretch.  The fabric is considered a stretch twill. 
  • Wrap Dress - Got a 3X (b/c I need enough room for my hips) - Dress has give, but in the tradition of wrap dress there you can wrap it to fit.  I probably could have gotten a 2X but it would probably create a slit and a little thigh action.  So size down if you want that. 
  • Yellow Midi Flare - Got a 2X, True to size, waist band has stretch, hips are free. 
  • Striped Maxi Flare - Got a 2X, True to size, waist band has stretch, hips are free (similar fit to the midi flare)
  • Boat Neck Striped Top - Got a 2X, True to size, Shirt has stretch
  • Navy Midi Pencil - Got a 4X, my hips are wide, but skirt has stretch. 
  • White Pants - 3X - The legs are wide and the fabric has a nice weight to it. There is give in the pants. 

Photography:  Michelle Alexandra

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