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Melissa McCarthy x Penningtons

I was invited to the launch of Melissa McCarthy's line at Pennington's in Toronto.  For those who don't know, Pennington's is the sister store to Addition Elle.  I wrote about the line on my page when the line first came out and a lot of the feedback was the same. A lot of people felt that the line was priced too high.  Now, I actually got my hands on the items and probably purchased 9 pieces for myself.  In all honesty, I expected to return most of them, because I have to admit purchasing all those pieces gave me a pretty hefty ticket.  I also didn't want to miss out on trying the clothing, so I figured better safe than sorry. Chile, I ended up keeping everything.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-A-N-G!!! Fix it Jesus! So the skirts and the pencil pants are the truth. Fabric, fit and style wise they are the business. I am a person who likes a good weighed ponte and this was right up my alley.  All the bottoms were also seamed nicely, meaning it was not just a pull on skirt, there was very nice tailoring for detail and fit happening on the pencil pants and skirt.  Now when you have a leg and butt situation such as mine, splurging on pieces that fit that area perfectly are a no brainer.  I also felt like these pieces would make an excellent addition to a working girl's wardrobe.  With proper care, these items would last you a few years with no problem.  In my opinion, they make excellent investment pieces.  I really only tried on a couple tops and for me, the upper portion of my body is easy to dress, so that's where I generally try to save some money there.  I did, however end up getting the sleeveless burnout knit (in both colors), because I loved the minimalist/masculine feel with a feminine touch. Plus it makes for excellent traveling clothing. 

Style Notes: I got to try on a few other items as well.  Some of you guys remember Seven7 jeans from years ago, well apparently they were repurposed and brought in with Melissa's line.  I tried on a few pair and must admit they are the same great fit from before.  They are all similarly priced.  I got a 3X in all the ponte pants and skirts and had them all tailored at the waist, because of course that was too big. I know people were concerned about some of the items being too small, but I'm a good 26 and they worked with room to spare.  I did notice that the arms on a lot of the tops were snug.  I tried the 3X's in the tops and still couldn't fit them arm wise, so note that.   That almost never happens to me.  The jeans sizing was a little confusing and almost just had to be tried on to find your size.  I sized 24, 26, and 28 in different cuts. Finally, there were a couple of tops that were reversible, which made the items a little more cost friendly since you got two for one. The kimono & poncho is really gorgeous in person. 
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Jessica Kane in the reversible Melissa Kimono

The post was sponsored by Penningtons, all opinions my own.

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