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Golden Pineapples

I lived in my home almost 3 years now and can you believe I haven't decorated by husband's bathroom.  It was about time I decorated, so I headed over to Ross Dress for Less to their home decor department.  I try to get everything here first, so I can get fabulous stuff at a super low price.  Well, if I do say so myself, I made out great.  I got some adorable frames with gold accents to match my golden pineapples.  I purchased a cute little basket to house my wash clothes, making them super easy to access for hubby.  I also included some decor items, like the lantern and the flower to give the room some fun elements.  The lantern also gave me a place house a great smelling candle for a nice aroma.  I also picked up some new towels and wash cloths. I love white in bathrooms, it gives the room a feel of being clean and fresh.  So you may want to know how much I spent.  I only spent $126 on everything.  A quick, chic, and inexpensive room renovation.  I'm quite proud of myself. 

Thank you Ross for sponsoring this post and my fabulous bathroom.

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