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Let's Talk Tights

Before we jump into today's post, have you heard that theCURVYcon is coming back for 2016? There's a private pre-sale starting tomorrow and its exclusively for CurvyVIP's. I hope that you can join us next year. Now, let's get into this post.

I love super simple looks that look chic with minimum effort. A turtleneck is a closet staple that paired with the right item gives off a sophisticated look. You pair it with just about any flare skirt and you look fabulous. This is always a "go to" look for me during the colder months. It can also be an inexpensive look that looks expensive.

Style Notes: I always get questions about my tights and one of my favorite pair of tights are these from the Avenue. I have big legs, big thighs, and I'm tall which can make finding tights super hard to find. I usually get the largest size, a EEE. Avenue also has some cute patterned tights as well. The skirt is faux leather and was purchased in a 3X.

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