Flawless 15 of 2015 - Garnerstyle

Flawless 15 of 2015

This will be my third year doing my flawless looks of the year.  I think for me,  I just love appreciating fabulous looks, images that are impactful to plus size fashion, and great moments that can't be denied.  This post is just about celebrating other fabulous women in this space whether they have been here for a while or just joining us.  I just love appreciating so much grander in one post.  I'm sure you have your own favorites, I'd love to see your favorites as well. Now, let's get into it.

If I had to name a blogger that I have true blue style envy of then I would say that it's the Lion Hunter. I am amazed at her ability to mix in thrifted styles, precise tailoring, and dumbfounding print combinations.

Whenever I see Danielle's photos, I always think plus size Karl Lagerfeld. You look at her and think minimalist chic.  

Curvy Canadian delivers literally the perfect after wedding reception look.  I did an audible gasp when I saw this look.

I've said this before, but everytime I see a photo of her it makes me happy.  I love a few things about Studio Mucci, she has a very consistent style.  She also serves to me as a constant reminder how far we've come in plus size.  For her to be able to achieve her "unicorn chic" look on a daily basis is so huge to me.  I remember when there was a time that our personal style was be dictated to us, because of the lack of options. Now girls can accomplish whatever style they want to.

There aren't a lot of bloggers that do budget shopping blogs, but Curves on a Budget does it flawlessly.  I'm always amazed of how expensive she looks, but without the price tag. 

This image got over 100K likes on the Garnerstyle Facebook page.  This was an image put out by Bronzeville Boutique.  Model + Jumpsuit + Pose = Perfection.

7 Danielle Brooks at the SAG Awards

This is the one curvy red carpet moment that stood out to me fashion-wise this year.  Everything about Danielle is perfect from hair to make-up to dress to the perfect photo moment.  Danielle is a favorite of mine to watch on the red carpet.  She gets it right so many times.

 8 Miss Divas Curves

This was controversial image because of the photoshopping, but at 100K+ likes on my Facebook page, you can't deny it's impact.  Celebs like Drake and Ochocinco has took notice by either liking or leaving a comment. Photoshop or not, these ladies turned heads and showed you sexy at any size.

That time when Plus Model Magazine when Avant Garde on us for their September Issue. 

10 Ashley Nell Tipton - Project Runway Winner

Another controversial selection, because everyone had their opinions on whether Ashley deserved to win Project Runway.  I thought she did, but one thing you can't deny is her impact on plus size fashion the minute she won.  I can't wait for her to relaunch her line.

I love checking out this lady's blog, but this look was the one that really got my attention. It's just so perfect.  It's also a testament to her style versatility.  I love how she switches up from sweet to sexy to edgy.

Nadia clicked the okay button for minimalism in plus size with her collaboration with Boohoo.  Personally, I lived my life in this shirt, stained it, and now I'm mad because I loved wearing it so much. I think in plus size, I see only a few ways of dressing that people really respond to. It's usually sexy or very pretty/girlie.  Nadia kicked in the door for minimalism for us all.  True to her aesthetic, her line at both Boohoo and AdditionElle are reflective of this.  Rock out!

Who gets a dress custom made by Christian Siriano? Nicolette Mason does, that's who.  Probably one of the most breathtaking photos/dresses I've every seen.  Nicolette (and partner, Allie) look stunning! The photo of her in this dress definitely made it rounds around social media.  I even saw it in action on her snapchat and the movement was breathtaking. 

I met this lady at theCURVYcon and thought she was gorgeous.  Come to find out, she an up and coming blogger.  I saw this photo and had to post it to celebrate such great style.  Chile, some folks even got mad, because the dress wasn't available.  The thing I like most about this look is that this is a dress most people wouldn't pick.  The mark of a stylish person, in my eyes, is someone who can see potential in clothing and this Ola has that eye. I think to be a successful plus size fashion blogger you have to have that eye to a certain extent and be able to see past lack luster catalogue shoots to find that look that will slay.

15.  Me!

I always end this post with a favorite photo of mine.  Something that I thought was impactful.  This was a part of the first collection I did for Rebdolls during the summer.  This skirt has been accompanied with so many emails and questions of restocks and even folks trying to buy mine.  This is my most pinned image, but besides that I'm just proud of the feel of the look and that I got to accomplish a nautical themed capsule collection. 


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