Garnerstyle for Rebdolls Holiday - Garnerstyle

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls Holiday

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line
I'm so excited to finally release Garnerstyle for Rebdolls Holiday.  The holidays are a time when we can get a little fancier and have so many fun events that call for festive looks. I think the go to for holiday is always sequins and yes, I do love sequins, but I wanted to do a little something different and decided to incorporate feathers into this collection.  I've wanted a feather skirt done in plus size for years now and I haven't seen it done, so I decided to make Rebdolls run around the world looking for feathers. Ha! I am so thankful to them for being so open to me and my vision for this. Everything came out so beautifully.  

As I did last time, I wanted to give a run down on pieces, how they fit, fabrics, etc.  Here we go:

Pink Flare Turtleneck Dress/Leopard Flare Dress: Both items are true to size.  The pink dress is out of a ponte knit, midi length and has stretch.  I took a 2X in this dress.  The leopard version is a different fabric, it's more like a stretch jersey and is not as weighted as the ponte.  I took a 2x in this dress. It is also a midi length.
Feather Skirt: This skirt doesn't stretch, the feathers make the skirt structured.  This skirt is a stops a couple inches above the thigh.  This is a beautiful skirt and is my pride and joy of this project.  If you do get it, treat it with love. LOL. This item is pricey to produce because of the materials involved, so it's priced at cost alone (no profit was made).  Rebdolls and I did this for the love of fashion and to give plus size women something that we haven't seen before and to my knowledge this is probably the first time a feather skirt has been done in plus size.  You'll want to note that the size chart is different for this skirt.  It's quite structured and to give people the best option for fit, it's sizes by numbers.  This is the only item sized like this. Here is the size chart:

  • 0 -36 hips. / 24 waist
  • 2 - 38 hips / 26 waist
  • 4 - 40 hips / 28 waist
  • 6 - 42 hips / 30 waist
  • 8 - 44 hips / 32 waist
  • 10 - 46 hips /34 waist
  • 12 - 48 hips / 36 waist
  • 14 - 50 hips / 38 waist
  • 16 - 52 hips / 40 waist
  • 18 - 54 hips / 42 waist
  • 20 - 56 hips / 44 waist
  • 22 - 58 hips / 46 waist 
  • 24 - 62 hips / 48 waist
  • 26 - 64 hips / 50 waist
  • 28 - 66 hips / 52 waist
  • 30 - 68 hips / 56 waist
Cream Off Shoulder Top: Got this in a 3x. You'll want to size up one size.  The top is a stretch ponte and is long. You can't see it, but it's hits the top of the thigh on me. 
Big Collar Fleece Coat: Super warm and cozy coat that has stretch and pockets.  You can fold the collar done or wear it up.  It isn't lined. I took a 3X in this jacket. I would size up one size.
Black Feather Trim Dress: The fabric portion of this is a stretch fabric, but has good weight to it.  I got this in a 3X.  If you have wide hips you will want to be mindful of pulling the feather portion over your hips, because the part with the feathers doesn't stretch.  Again, this piece is pricey, because of the feathers.
Black Cropped Cape Top - The sleeves are caped on this top and the fabric is a stretch fabric (same fabric as the black feather trim dress).  This is a crop top, but I sized up to get more length out of the top.  I sized up to a 4X for length.
Ponte High Waist Pencil Pants (black & wine colors available) - Love these pants. They are comfy, have good stretch, and a nice weighted material.  I got these in a  4X, which makes them true to size.  I wear 26 in pants. 
Leopard Pencil Skirt - This skirt is a stretch jersey. I'm wearing a 3X in the skirt.  If you want a looser fit, you may want to size up, otherwise it's pretty true to size. 
Faux Wrap Dress (comes is winter white & black) - Made out of  stretch ponte knit. Fabric is nicely weighted.  I'm wearing a 3X in this. There is a faux wrap in the front which is great for those who like tummy coverage. 
Pink Sheer Top - Mesh stretch top that is just so much fun to wear.  I do suggest you size up one size from your regular top size. 
Cape Blazer - I sized to a 3X, because I needed it to come over the hips. LOL. Structured garment, no stretch. Jacket is lined.
Cropped Mock Neck Top - I sized up to a 3X. This top has stretch and shoulder pads (I love shoulder pads). 

International Readers, Rebdolls does ship internationally to a large list of countries. Feel free to hit me up via social if you have any other questions! Last but not least, thank you all for your support of my dream.  I'm so proud of this collection. 

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Garnerstyle for Rebdolls, plus size clothing line

Photography Credit: Michelle Alexander


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