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How To Make Your Holiday Look Glamorous

For me, the holidays are my favorite time of year when it comes to clothing.  There are fun events surrounding Christmas that cause for you to dress a little more fancier.  I've been doing holiday looks on the blog for such a long time, but I wanted to give you ladies some tips for taking your looks up a notch.  It's super simple to take a look that is plain and turn into a glamorous one.

1.  A little faux fur ain't never hurt nobody.  - Faux fur is a great idea to add to your look.  You can add in the form of a coat, scarf or stole.  The fur look always reminds me of the old Hollywood glamour photos of the famous actresses going to award shows.  The great thing is you can create that same sort of look inexpensively and cruelty free.  My rule for choosing faux, is that it is plush.  I don't want my faux looking naked.  It should be nice and fluffy.  

2.  Take that makeup up a notch - I am notorious for doing the same make-up everyday.  (I'm not one for change). When the holidays roll around, I take to youtube to help me give me a more glamorous look.  Now if you're not into going out make-up wise and just want to do something simple to make your everyday make-up a little fancier. I suggest adding a gloss over a fun color like red, pink or purple.  I know we all love matte, but the shine make it's a bit more festive.  I also like to use eyeshadow that has some glitter in it, just to give my eyes some sparkle.  Here's a an easy holiday look makeup tutorial.

3.  Clutches should be fun - I love an interesting an interesting clutch. It's brings a conversation piece to your look and if you go to a party and don't know a lot people it's almost guaranteed that someone will come up to you and ask you about your clutch.  Who doesn't love easy mingling at parties.

4.  Choose at least one eye-catching accessory - It can be more than one, but at least one.  In the past I've chosen, full length velvet gloves, clutches, and faux fur. Things I haven't done are a cool hat, and opulent jewelry. There's a lot up for grabs to make you look fabulous.  During most of the year, in my opinion, less is more when it comes to accessories.  The holiday season, however, is the perfect time to do a little more with accessories.   In can see in the gray tulle look, where I added more eye-catching accessories (fluffy shoes, faux fur stole, and fun clutch) than I would usually add, but it's a holiday look and the perfect time to be over-the-top.

5. Don't forget to finish off with a fabulous manicure - Whether you go to the nail salon or pop on some press-ons, I love finishing a holiday look with a festive manicure. You can do something more literal, like themed nails or something more subtle like nails adorned with gold glitter.

6. If your outfit calls for it, add a fancy belt.  Fit and flare dresses/skirts especially give you a perfect place to add a belt to your look. Belts are a part of signature style and I love them, because they seem to complete the look. They also break up monochromatic looks/prints, define shape, and give your outfit another interesting element. Belts are hard to find in plus size, especially quality ones. I treat them like investment pieces in my wardrobe that will serve me for years to come.  

Want the details on the looks above. You can find the tulle skirt look here. The all black look here. The sequins dress look here.


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