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Barbie, GenBeauty, Queen Latifah & Other L.A. Moments

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So if any of you follow me on Snapchat (under Garnerstyle) you would have followed my weekend in L.A.   Now through my Snapchat you know I'm a bit of a homebody, I do what I do when I'm scheduled to, but honestly, I just love chopping it up with B (aka husband) at home.  This past weekend, I had quite a schedule in L.A. and honestly was trying to do better on getting out and about.  On my weekend agenda, I had the Barbie Launch, GenBeauty, a Pop Physique class, and a few meetings.  I'd like to say I channeled my inner CeCe.  So what a way to start that resolution off by going to the Barbie launch.

Now I didn't know anything until the morning of about the different bodies they were launching (whenever big launches happen with anything it's usually a secret).  That morning I drove (yes drove) to L.A. knowing about the Barbies, but not much about the launch event, but that it took 59 years for this to happen so, it must be a pretty big deal.  Big deal it was.  The event itself was gorgeous, had the dolls and all their glory on display,  and celebs and influencers that I love just kept popping up into the room.  Again, I have no expectations for this event, because I wasn't given any info, but on where to be.  Now, Queen Latifah walks in the room. No, you didn't hear me. I said Queen Latifah walks in the room.  Now, I'm trying to act like I've been somewhere before. LOL. Some of you saw the snaps...I was trying to keep my excitement on the inside (which I'm normally good at), but I can admit a little bit spewed over, then I pulled it together.  A reader of mine snapped me and said, "I'd be freaking out."  Well if I freak out them probably won't invite me back. Anywho, I also got to re-connect with Amber Riley (theCurvyCon's first keynote speaker - love her), Gwen Stefani, and Jeannie (from the Real). 

On to the dolls. I saw mixed reactions to the dolls and for me, I channeled six-year-old Chastity.  6-year-old Chastity got ballerina Barbie as her first Barbie doll.  I'm remember having black & white Barbies, but I distinctly remember thinking that there were no beige Barbies that looked like me.  I don't remember thinking about the body type of the dolls, but hair and skin color were something that immediately noticed as a child as it relates to the reflection of my appearance.  I received four of the dolls and was just so excited to see different skin tones represented and different hair textures. I would have LOVED to have a doll with my hair texture as a kid.  I thought the curvy Barbie's body was magnificent.  Everyone who saw the doll immediately went for the curvy Barbie and proceeded to de-robe her including me.  It's fascinating to see another body type. 

So then I slide into GenBeauty, which was the first time I had ever been to a beauty conference. As co-creator of theCURVYcon, it was inspiring to see how a conference could grow and provide such an amazing time to its guest.  I will say you want to prepare yourself with cute walking shoes.  Just like most of the conferences I go to there is a lot of standing and walking.  

Finally, can you believe with everything I had going on I had the time to slip into a workout class.  I was invited by the Pop Physique to join for a complimentary session and complimentarily got my butt whooped. HA! Pop Physique is a ballet barre class that works on strength and flexibility.  To me it could be a distant cousin to yoga, but with a ballet bare.  It's pretty hard, but was proud of myself for not quitting and afterwards I felt great and energized.  I actually am going to work in a barre classes in my own routine.  It was brutal, but it made me feel strong. 

A photo posted by Chastity Garner Valentine (@garnerstyle) on

Pink Look Details:  Dress - ASOS, Shoes - Net-A-Porter,  Bag - Michael Kors Outlet
Red Dress - JIBRI, Shoes - Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack


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