Derby Day

I'm southern, so the large hats and seersucker suits just get me all excited.  Who doesn't a love an occasion to get all dressed up, wear a larger than life and sip on some stellar Stella Artois Apple Cidre cocktails? The Kentucky Derby gave me an excuse to do all three.  I just found out about a month ago that I love the taste of Stella Artois Apple Cidre while having a day date with Desiree for her birthday.  (Ladies, a side note, if you are with you guy doing the sports thing and hate the taste of beer, but still want to have that festive feel, ask for a Stella Artois Apple Cidre. I promise you'll love it). 

Desiree (from Fancydime) helped me put together this little gathering, and she had an excellent idea of doing a couple of games.  We had a "best" hat contest, and a "pin the tail on the horse" game, and I brought some Uno cards.  Allison (in the green hat) won the hat contest.  I won the Uno game.  Hehe.  It was a day of fun, good food, great drinks, and a lot of laughs. How did you spend Derby Day?

Cocktail Note:  1 pitcher + (2) 12 oz cans of pear juice + 5 bottles of Stella Artois = Stella Artois Cidre Bellini

Style Notes:  This dress is from ASOS in a size 18. I purchased it some months ago, and it sold out.  It is structured with no stretch. 

Dress: ASOS, Hat: c/o Stella Artois

This post was sponsored by Stella Artois, all opinions are my own.
Please drink responsibly.
Photography credit:  Nissa Brehmer

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