Sailing - Garnerstyle


Navy and nautical looks in the summer are always a go-to for me.  Add in some touches of gold and you have a fantastic classic look. This was my first time trying out the Rachel Roy plus size collection.  I ordered four pieces and was impressed with the fit.  Pants are always hard, so a pair of pants that fit extremely well off-the-rack are a good sign.  

Style Notes: The pants are a 24W and have no stretch.   The top is a 2x.  I thought the look was very fluid and easy to wear.  I did see a lot of comments about Rachel Roy's pricing.  She does have a straight size line, and pricing is very similar her smaller sizes.  I always hear people saying that they want straight designers to make plus. If they do, the pricing is going to be at similar price points to their original lines.  Concerning price, Rachel Roy's line is in Macys and Macys always has good sales and coupons.  Both items are actually on sale now.  

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