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Bras with a Purpose: Meet Vanity Fair

photo by Rachel Brennecke

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to travel to New York, kick off my partnership with Vanity Fair, and get a full day of immersion into the world of their bras and lingerie.  Most of you are familiar with Vanity Fair through their super comfortable bras. You can find them in places like Macy's, JCPenney, and Kohls. For two days, I was able to get to know the Vanity Fair team, try on some bras, learn all about their partnership with Dress for Success, and their Women Who Do initiative.

Getting Vanity Fair Lingerie:  Vanity Fair is all about creating a comfortable yet stylish bra. They have been around for over 100 years.  While getting to know more about the Vanity Fair brand and having a yummy breakfast, I was able see all the different types of bras that are offered and even was shown some styles that haven't made it to the stores. I always love an exclusive sneak peak.  In addition to their straight sized bras, Vanity Fair has full figured sizing from 36C to 44DDD. I'm not a stranger to the this brand and specifically love them for their comfortable bras.  You guys know that I am a full-time blogger and while I work from home most days and I don't feel comfortable going braless all day, so the Vanity Fair bras have been a daily staple that keeps me supported yet comfortable.  With that being said, there's a new bra that I was able to try on at the "Breakfast & Bras" chat.  The Comfort x 3 is my favorite.  It feels like is barely there.  I'm looking forward to making that my everyday bra.

Dress For Success: During dinner, I had the pleasure of learning about Vanity Fair's partnership with Dress for Success and their commitment to donate 50,000 bras.  I was particularly touched my a young women's struggle through turmoil and abuse, her unwillingness to give up, and landing a career with the Dress for Success team. When I started this blog, I really just wanted it to be about fashion, but your presentation is so closely related to how you feel and it always amazes me that through clothing you can have a hand in lifting a person.  The young woman spoke about how Dress for Success did that for her.  Personally, I can't wait to do more work with Dress for Success.

Women Who Do: A fantastic concept in which Vanity Fair encourages women to support and uplift each other.  Inspired by the many women of the world who hold down jobs, run businesses, take care of families, and who triumph in many areas in life, Vanity Fair celebrates them and has created a moment for us to celebrate each other.  Sometimes I think the world forgets how many hats a woman wears and it's almost like we are just expected to multi-task our lives...when it's easy to forget that taking care of everything and everyone around us deserves applause and acknowledgment. This hits home for me because I've been so blessed to be raised around and befriend many amazing women who do so much.

We stayed at the fabulous Refinery Hotel -- Best best everrrr!!! 

Thank you Vanity Fair for sponsoring the post and this partnership! 


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