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Brunchin' and Traveling for the Low

How did I get through an entire brunch in a white dress and didn't spill anything?  It's safe to say that small miracles happen everyday. Ha! I was invited to go to a brunch hosted by Rene' from Own by Femme & Jess from HeyGorJess as apart of their Travel Love Grow Tour.  If traveling is something you love or something that you would love to do more these ladies tell you how you can make it accessible even on a limited budget.

Personally, I have done trips on a budget where I just want to get away through Living Social and Cheap Caribbean (I've booked at least 3 times & they allow for payment plans), but I have also been able to do luxurious trips on a budget with large groups (12 - 15 people) where we've rented out a villa and the cost was under $1k per person.  I didn't start traveling until right before I turned 30.  I have a group of 4 friends that I travel with and we all commit to doing something once a year, if not more. Now, when I started traveling I was at a bit more stable financial portion of my life. I would have liked to have traveled in my twenties, but my priorities were elsewhere. The brunch was headed by ladies in their twenties and they said they just prioritized traveling over other things like going to the movies, going out, etc. Even in my twenties when I claimed to be broke, I actually spent money on clothes and partying (Lord knows LOL). So if you are in your twenties and want to start traveling then take a look at your budget and see what can be saved. The brunch was also great for tips on finding super cheap flights, great traveling apps, and so much more.  Check the flyer at the bottom to see if these ladies will be visiting your city. There is yummy food and great convo! You can find tickets at the bottom of this post here, just click on your city

Style Notes:  I don't have to tell you that I love this dress. It's Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant. Ugh, it's to die for. It's elegant, beautiful, and I can't wait to wear this again somewhere. The photos do this dress no justice.  I ordered a size 20 and it has a little give. I see the sizes are running out fast. If you are ever needing white dress for anything you may want to snag this one quickly. The only thing I will warn about is that the slit in the middle is high. I had to do a quick alteration right before the event where sewed some of the slit closed.  I will have it professionally done, but needed a quick solution. 

Self Acceptance Note:  Ugh, I have loathed my legs my whole life, but in the couple years I've worked towards accepting them and it's been grand.  Previously, I wouldn't have worn this dress, but now I not letting my legs hold me back. It's a great feeling. I felt so good in this dress.  


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