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Celebrity Style Capture: Lady Gaga

Sometimes the stars align in plus size fashion, and I must say that this is one of those times.  I actually had second thoughts on shooting this look for purely selfish reasons. Honestly, I wanted to wait and wear this look much later, but I knew if I did it would be sold out and you guys wouldn't have the chance to partake in this piece of fashion heaven.  

This look is obviously inspired by one of Lady Gaga's red carpet looks.  Can I just say kudos to Eloquii for taking straight size looks and translating them into plus size and in an affordable way? My guess is that the original look that Lady Gaga wore is pretty much out of bounds price-wise for the average woman's budget. 

Style Notes: I got this in a size 24.  I am a pear shape, and I'm a smaller on top than on the bottom, so I will have the top portion taken in.  I would have liked to have waited to photograph this after I had my alteration, but I know so many of you are already looking for your holiday look, so I didn't want you to miss out. This isn't lined, but the skirt in the back helps with any fabric transparency concerns. I have quite a bit of cellulite, so I did wear a capri shaper.  You can find that here. Also, if you feel like wearing a white jumpsuit is too much responsibility then there is a black option. Find it here.  The top of the jumpsuit has boning to help keep it's the gorgeous shape of the sweetheart neckline. Here's my favorite strapless bra here (please keep in mind that there are two listings for this bra, one for sizes under a DDD, and one for sizes E, F, G).  I will also link everything at the bottom.  Get $60 off of jumpsuit with coupon: NOVEMBER. Lip color is Life's Blood by Mac, find it here


Photography by: Jesse Campbell

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