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Plus Size Sports Bra Round-Up

plus size sports bras
As a self-declared sporty girl, I've spent a lot of my life in sports bras. I even still a wear a couple that I used to wear in high school.  Don't judge me. I actually prefer them to real bras.  If only life let me wear them everyday. I always get the question, Where can I find a good sports bra?  I've worn so many over the years, so I decided to compile a list of the bras that I've worn and liked.

Non-Underwire Options

Personally, I prefer options with no underwire, but I'm on the smaller end of bust sizes and I really don't have to worry about my breasts getting in the way.  I do, however, like to feel firmly in place with the neckline being high enough to where if I bend over I'm not busting out of the bra.

Here are some of my favs:

Glamorise - This bra will have you locked and loaded.  There is "no-bounce" technology to keep you in place as well as "wicking" technology to keep you nice and dry.  The bras go up to a size 50G.  There is an extra panel in the top of the bra to make sure that you don't come out as well.

Torrid Sports Bras - I own 3 of these. They have a very firm hold. A medium neckline.  These are a little on the pricier side, but if you can catch them on sale on buy them with the coupon mailers.

Xersion Removable Cups Sports Bra (pictured in photo above) - Great for the price. Is made of mesh to keep you dry and has removable cups.  Personally, I just ended up removing them.  I use the cup slot for a pocket. HA!

Goddess Sports Bra - Another great bra for larger bust sizes.  There is technology to keep you dry, the bra goes up to a 48I and there are hook and eye enclosures on the back, so that you can get your bust in easily. I also just like how this bra looks.  I own this bra as well and it will have you firmly in place.

Hatha Color-Block Sports Bra - I have a couple of these sports bras. I love the style aesthetic and they are fully functional.  I generally like to wear this bra for walking and weight lifting.

Underwire Options

Flex Women's Push Up Bra -- Can you believe their is a push up sports bra? There is.  Now I'm not in the market for one of these, but I did give it a try.  I know sports bras can provide compression therefore making some of the smaller chested ladies look flat.  If you are looking for a solution to this, this is your bra.  I tried it on and it was a lot. HA! I looking like I was just bursting.  I would recommend for A, B, and small C cups. I would also size up one size.

LiviActive Max Support Bra - I've tried on this bra and it is supportive and has underwire to help keep you in place.  Can I just say hats off to the girls that have to wear underwire while working out.  I hate wearing underwire while working out, but understand the need for it if you have a larger chest size.  With my own trial with underwire sport bras I still haven't found anything where I don't feel the underwire.  I wish I had a solution for this, please leave comments below if you have a suggestion.  The molded cups help to keep you in place as well. As far as underwire bras go this is the one I would choose with underwire.

Glamorise - I like the underwire options this brand offers. Sizing goes up to 46G and there is technology to keep you dry.

These are some options that I own and like, but feel free to share in the comments below on what sports bras you like.


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