Alternative Looks for the Plus Size Bride

A lot us have thought about our wedding day one time or another.  I've gotten a lot of questions lately about non-traditional bridal looks on a budget.  I've worn all white looks a few times that some of my readers have duped and made their wedding day look.  I love it because this means (for the most part) that you are staying under a $500. Personally, I did the tradition wedding dress.  You can see that post here. If you don't go with the full gown with all the fluff there are still so many dresses/looks out there that will still make you look amazing on your wedding day.  Even if you do want to do the traditional dress, but want a different reception look this post will help with that as well.  Here are some quick tips to help you avoid some pitfalls with finding your dress:

  • Give yourself time - You won't need a year, but I still would give myself 5 - 6 months to find the dress.  A lot of these places are online, so give yourself time for returns and re-orders on sizing. 
  • Take your dress to the tailor -  You want that perfect fit and let's be honest most off the rack clothing does not fit us perfectly.  
  • Buy big - If you are between sizes get the bigger size and tailor down. Rather too big that be fixed with simple alterations than too small.
  • Accessorize - Accessories are an excellent way to amplify your look on a budget.  There are so many options, but some of my favorites come from Etsy
  • Read the reviews - Reviews give you a lot of insight on fit, delivery, etc.  Especially when purchasing from Etsy.  
  • Be cautious about ordering from far far away lands - International shipping can be a disaster, especially in the case that you need to return.  The etsy shop that I have listed, I have had great personal experiences from.  Again, read those reviews. 
  • Know return policies! 

Here's some gowns that I scouted:

JIBRI - Both beautiful, stylish, and budget-friendly all at the same time, both gowns are under $700. This designer also offers quite a few other non-traditional options.  You can see them here.  You can also visit their showroom in Atlanta.

Kiyonna - These dresses go up to a 5X and are both under $400.  Check out their entire line here.

Modcloth - With sizes up to 4X, you can snag a wedding dress for under $200. The first dress pictured is here and second is here (and under $80).

Fanfaronada (Etsy) - I have two skirts from this seller.  You've seen this designer's skirt in my Kellis recreation and my Christmas look.  You may not see your sizing, but she does custom pieces. I have gotten her pieces custom to my measurements.  You will need to know your correct measurements to order. I would even order a couple inches bigger for good measure and just have it taken in later if needed.  Please note that her items come from Poland and take about 4 weeks to arrive. The seller communicates great.  You can get an entire look for around $500.

P.S. My looks - 1. Lane Bryant (soldout) 2. Eloquii 3. ASOS (soldout) 

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