Afropunk - Garnerstyle


Let me just say that I've been living my best life in Atlanta. A lot of people have noticed that I am noticeably happier. Being transparent, I feel like I was homesick for the six years that I lived away from Georgia. I was glad to have the experience of living in two different states, but like Dorothy said, "there is no place like home." With that being said, I was able to attend AfroPunk this past weekend in Atlanta. I've been wanting to attend AfroPunk for about three years now, but only thought it was in NYC. A friend brought to my attention that it was in Atlanta and Solange was going to perform. Sold!

I'd like to give a little disclaimer that I arrived at AfroPunk at 6 pm on Sunday night. I wasn't there all day. I don't love festivals. I might be too old, but I do make exceptions when it's something I want to do. Anyways, I had a fantastic time. There are the obvious reasons (like Solange performing duh!) then there are reasons like being amongst other black people just being free and conscious at the same time. With the climate as it is, it can be hard to be a black person and just have a moment to live, breathe and not let the world and your place in its weight on your shoulders. I know I have a lot of non-black readers and it may be difficult to understand this if it's not your experience. With that being said, AfroPunk is a space that welcomes all, but it is a celebration of blackness. I saw so many people expressing themselves freely in their looks and nipples were out in all their glory. It's a superb thing not to see women's breast sexualized.

Besides comradery, AfroPunk offers loads of musical performances, Willow Smith performed while I was walking in and Miquel performed Saturday night. Solange's performance was ah-mazing. It was an intimate performance. I was pretty close to stage. I want to go see her again in a more concert setting (indoors with seating) next time she comes. The combination of vocals, visuals, and performance art moves give you something fantastically different.

I guess the big question, "would I go back?" Yes, I would. I would probably do it the same. Go to see the artist(s) that I want to see and call it a day.

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