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Moving In

As many of you know, I have recently moved back to Atlanta.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our first home.  We are so happy with our purchase and just love how much space we have. We came from apartment living, and this is definitely a nice change.  With the new home, the next big step in interior decoration.  This was the step that terrified me.  I'm great at personal style, but not so great at decorating. It's hard for me to make decisions on what I want and stick with a cohesive theme.  While I was mulling through page after page of home decor ideas I ran across this service called Havenly.  Havenly provides access to interior designers at an affordable price.  Because it was a service I wanted to use, I reached out, and through our partnership, I have been able to fully decorate my living room.  

The Process

The process of getting a full design is rather simple.  You can choose from two pricing structures.  The first is a the Havenly Mini (costs $80) which gives you 3 concept ideas, a curated shopping list, and an interior designer among other perks.  The Havenly Full package (costs $200) is what I opted for.  It included 3D design, floorplan, 3 concept ideas and more. They even will help you pick paint.  Once you choose your package, you take a survey and through that survey, your interior designer can figure out what you like, what you are looking for, your budget, and even the lead time for the delivery of the items.  You will also send your designer your floor plan, room measurements, and photos or links to any decor/furniture that you want to use in the space.  You also have the option to start the space from scratch. Within 1-2 weeks that designer will have a 3D concept for you (if doing the full package) and a list of the curated items.  The designer will send you a list of the items in your curated list and there are additional items that you can swap out for any items that you may not like.  From there you order your items and assemble the room according to your floor plan.  

  • I have gone through the process for my living room, and I hired an interior designer for my office.  Let me just say this fee from Havenly for this service is extremely low.  I've gotten quotes from $1800 - $5000 for just one room not including furniture.  
  • From start to finish the timing, you can get a whole room decorated rather quickly.
  • My interior decorator was patient with the changes I wanted to make.

  • When you have furniture delivered, you will want to check it once it comes in.  I had a table that came broken three different times.  The items on your curated list do not come from Havenly, they come from various furniture retailers.  So check your furniture once it comes in.   Havenly was good about rectifying the situation by getting the table picked up all three times and being flexible when I wanted to order another table altogether. 
  • Furniture delivery times get pushed back often. In your survey be honest with what you want your lead time to be.  My lead time was a month and even those times got pushed back because of product availability. 
  • Order quickly! Once you get your curated list go ahead and order your items because the item you want could sell out.
  • Be really thorough in how you answer the survey. It will give the interior designer the best insight into what you want. 

You can check out the items used in my living room here.

This post is in partnership with Havenly and was not sponsored, but some items were courtesy of Havenly.

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