Ashley Graham x Marina Rinaldi

Some of you saw this on the Gram, can you say that I am in love.  These jeans come from the collab of Ashley Graham x Marina Rinaldi. I feel in love upon site and had to have them.  They are pricey. Marina Rinaldi is one of the few higher-end designers in plus. I can say there aren't a lot of things that I want to shell out over $100 for, but these jeans were a must. When they arrived I was so excited they fit perfect. I would size down because they are super stretchy.  My top is from Ofurre.  You can find it here. Shoes are from Eloquii but are sold out.


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  3. I g­e­t p­a­i­d o­v­e­r ­ $­­180 p­e­r h­­o­­u­­r w­­o­­r­­k­­i­­n­­g f­­r­­o­­m
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