LifeStyledHonors by PhatGirlFresh

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending The 6th Annual Life Styled Honors. The first time I attended this event was in 2017, when I was honored alongside Jasmine Elder; indie designer, Shaina Harrison; digital influencer and a few other equally amazing women. This year, I had the pleasure of returning to Life Styled Honors to present my business bestie, Cece Olisa with her honor. Most of all, got the opportunity to meet a lot of women who love and support Garner Style and theCURVYcon. Oh and, I got to hang out with some of my bloggers boos. 

Life Styled Honors is a two day event held in downtown Atlanta. The event is produced by writer and plus size influencer Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh. Life Styled Honors is a meld of fashion & empowerment, and is one of the most exciting events of the season, celebrating promising and notable influence in fashion, entertainment and empowerment. Aside from myself, former honorees have included Project Runway model competition winner, Liris Crosse, digital influencer, Essie Golden, and social activist and founder of the Me Too Movement, Tarana Burke. 

This year’s event was outstanding from beginning to end. The weekend kicked off at Suite Food Lounge with “Curves En Blanc” the all white VIP Mixer. There were curvy girls, from all walks of life dressed in white enjoyed food and drinks while dancing like no one was watching and they weren’t because they were dancing too. What did I wear? I gave Michelle Phifer vibes in my ASOS jumpsuit and belt from my collection. 

Now, I was confident nothing could top Friday night’s party but I was wrong. Saturday’s title event was filled with empowerment, fashion and plenty of laughs, it was an entirely different vibe but definitely a vibe. The Honors recipients included tv star and R&B singer, Nicci Gilbert-Daniels of Brownstone famed, for her influence and philanthropy work around the world; my girl, Cece Olisa, Digital Influencer and The Curvy Con co-founder ; Danielle Young, Writer & Producer; Francie Maupin (Miss Diva Kurves) , Designer/Model ; Jacquelyn Teemer , Local Government Official; Nikki Wiggins (NikkiFree Style, Digital Influencer and Michael Moss (Big Man Culture), Big and Tall Stylist. 

Listen sis, I am tired! This weekend I thought I was young, only to discover I am not. However, I can’t wait until next year’s Life Styled Honors. If you attended, did you have a blast like I did? If you didn’t attend, check the hashtags (#LifeStyledHonors and #CurvesEnBlanc) and get your life. 

Now let me go because tickets for The Curvy Con are going live soon.


  1. Love the white outfits. What about this white plus size dress. A little more classy for the event.

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