Budget Friendly Holiday Party Looks

Walmart has been killing it with their budget-friendly but super trendy and fabulous fashion.  This holiday season is no different.  Holiday party to attend? Walmart has you covered in looks that work for both personal and business holiday soirees.  When I saw this gold romper from the Scoop line at Walmart I was floored.  This is such a classic fabric used in looks for the holidays but they usually carry an expensive price tag, but not at Walmart.  This romper plus the pieces I paired with the look are all at Walmart's great everyday low prices.  I added this fabulous velvet blazer on top of the look. If you're worried about being cold add a pair of thick tights to your look to keep your legs warm.  I finished off the look with these great booties and adorable novelty bag both from Walmart.

This blog post was sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own.

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