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From Dreamhouse to Drama: Is Barbie's Movie Kid-Friendly or Not?

Hey there, y'all! Let's talk about Barbie, the queen of iconic toys that's been ruling hearts for years. Now, she's stepping out of her dreamhouse and onto the big screen, all directed by Greta Gerwig and brought to life by Margot Robbie. "Barbie" is one of those meta comedies that's got folks buzzing, promising witty humor and some real-deal social commentary. But here's the big question: Is this flick really for the kiddos?  I knew the movie was PG-13 and not really thinking how advanced the story line was going to be I loaded up 5 nieces ranging ages from 10 - 17 and after speaking with them post movie this is what I gathered. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the movie. 

So, picture this: Barbie Land, a fantastical world filled with all the pinks and plastic wonders you can imagine. The Barbies are living their best lives, while the Kens, well, they're just there for show. But hold up, things take a twist when Stereotypical Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, starts experiencing some wild stuff, like deep thoughts and a pragmatic crisis. She teams up with her faux-boyfriend Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, to set things straight in the Real World. And let me tell you, the plot thickens with some serious themes about life's meaning and those gender norms we deal with every day.

Now, let's be real, "Barbie" might seem like your typical kids' flick at first glance, but there's more to it than meets the eye. It dives into some heavy stuff, like intellectual discussions and social commentary that pre-teens and teens could really vibe with. Greta Gerwig knows how to tell a story, and she's made these ideas accessible and captivating. Older kids around 9 or 10 might catch some of that goofy humor while the deeper stuff might fly over their heads.

But now here's the thing: if you got little ones, you might want to think twice before taking 'em to see "Barbie." The movie's all about those deep thoughts and gender talk, and that might not be their jam. Younger kids might find those parts a bit slow and boring, wishing for more action with Barbie doing her thing.

So parents, use your instincts and think about your child's age and what they're into before hitting the theaters. If your kid loves to think and ponder life's mysteries, they might get a kick out of "Barbie." But if they're still in that playful, action-loving phase, it might be best to find something more their speed. As we had one of the nieces on her phone scrolling during the movie. 

In the end, "Barbie" is a movie that's got something for everyone. With its mix of humor, social commentary, and deep thoughts, it's sure to entertain pre-teens, teens, and grown-ups alike. Just remember, every child is unique, so what hooks one might not do it for another. If you decide to go, have a chat with your little one beforehand to make sure it's the right choice for your family's movie night. Enjoy, y'all!


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