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The Perfect Find: My Top Two Reasons Why Jenna & Eric Should Not Have Ended Up Together

Ah, "The Perfect Find," a movie that attempted to sweep us off our feet with a romantic tale of unexpected love. However, as I watched the story unfold, I couldn't help but realize that ending up with Eric would have been far from perfect. Let's dive into the reasons why I would have run for the hills and left Eric in the dust!

Reason 1: Darcy's Read

Picture this: a moment of truth when Darcy, played by the brilliant actress who could read a phone book and make it captivating, takes a verbal flamethrower to me for robbing the cradle and messing around with her son. Did Eric utter a single word in my defense? Nope! He sat looking like a 12 year old in trouble being scolded by his mom. Seriously, if my supposed-to-be man can't even defend me when it matters, that's a huge red flag. Sorry, Eric, but mama bear deserves better!

Reason 2: "Pregnant Lady" = 2nd Hand Embarrassment

Now, let's talk about that cringe-worthy moment when Eric referred to Jenna as a "pregnant lady." Oh boy, so much is attached in that statement! In that very instant, he morphed into a child.  I feel like he damn near called her old. She wasn’t old when y’all were in the horizontal tango.  

"The Perfect Find" might have tried to convince us that Eric was the perfect man, but these reasons show otherwise. When Darcy read Jenna for filth, Eric's silence spoke volumes about his inability to stand up for his partner. The "pregnant lady" comment almost took me out. And let's not forget his shallow ageist remark, which revealed his superficial nature. Sorry, Eric, but I think I'll pass. The perfect find? More like the perfect dodge! All that aside, I did enjoy the move and was throughly entertained. You can find this movie on Netflix. What did you think? 

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  1. Enjoyed the book but not the movie. The movie lost all of the why these 2 ended up together. I was very disappointed given the source material and previous things I've seen from the director Numa Perrier.