Fashion Emergency: Me and Jibri - Did I reach the brink of wearing too much leopard? or Not?

I’ve been on quite a shopping budget lately.  The wedding planning puts a slight cloud over my shopaholic ways. However; no cloud could stop me from getting at least one piece from the JIBRI fall collection. I purchased my favorite piece and just got it in the mail today.  I usually go for the more ornate pieces that JIBRI offers, but I ask…did I take it 3 steps too far with this one?  What are your thoughts? I’m expecting brutal honesty since that’s what I always dish out! 

When I initially tried the dress on, I said "Damn this is a lot of leopard!"  My fiance said I startled him! ( I think he thought there was actually a leopard in the room with him for 2 seconds) But…I must admit…I feel fabulous in this leopard.  I think this dress is so over the top (and I love over the top), but can I realistically wear it?  Would I confuse my co-workers?  I styled it a couple of ways to see if I could tone down the leopard for a more conservative environment (mainly my office).  Oh how I wish I had gone to 
Fashion Week this year...this is definitely a fashion week dress!

So…more detail about the dress!  It actually came with a detached slip underneath (which is fabulous in itself --- I have such a hard time finding slips when I need one).  So really you could go--- dare I say it ---- with a sexy black bra and a pair of tights underneath!  The dress is sheer, but the fabric conceals some of our body flaws. There are also cute little button details on the neck.  This dress is just ignorantly luxurious for only $240.  

My intention was to blog on Michael Kors outfit today, but this dress trumped it....BIG TIME.  I would have taken more pictures, but the flash just went out on my camera during my photo shoot --- time for a new camera :(.

I threw a blazer on top for a more conservative kind of tone down the leopard. 

So what do you think...too much leopard for me....or not?