FFFWeek Day 1

Ok, so I endured my first full day of Full Figured Fashion Week.  I say endured because I have never been in so much pain and physical discomfort in all my life.  Trudging through the city fully dressed, beating the concrete, and dare I saw perspiration was definitely not the highlight LOL.  After day 1, I will be taking a cab EVERYWHERE! When I started to dress for the day, I thought I could dress for my daytime look and come back and dress for night.  WRONG!  A friend, who used to live here, said you will not have time to change.  So I had to do a quick switcheroo and make the days outfit into a quick day to night ensemble.  (I usually edit my pics with brightening, light, etc but this is guerrilla style since I'm still in NYC and don't have my computer).  

This is the daytime look with the JIBRI jumpsuit $240, H&M sweater $24 (straight size), and a pair of nude flats.  

That night I attended the Curves and Cocktail event.  It was nice to a lot of my fellow bloggers, such as, Parisan blogger Gaelle from Les Pitreries de Vanoue.  For night, I just removed the sweater and added a vintage necklace.  I slipped my removed items into my Macys shopping bag.  Speaking of Macys, tsk tsk....I went and visited the big Macys in NYC.  It was literally 9 floors! I went to visit the women's section on the 7th floor.  I will say that they had the biggest selection of plus size clothing of any department store that I had seen, but I was sorely disappointed to see how neglected the department was.  The mannequins were styled poorly, the clothes just thrown around, and even the flooring was broken up and cracked.  Let's just say it was obvious who the step child of Macys was in this situation.  

This was a mannequin display in the plus size section of the landmark Macys.  Now the department actually had some very cute items, but they chose these tops to put on the mannequin. Now I thought the Michael Kors dress was cute, but it needed to pinned to give a more desirable fit and I won't even mention the JESUS SANDALS.  Um, yes I will....of all the shoes you have, these are the shoes you pick.  The jeans look just thrown on.  My 5 year old niece could have done a better job.  

Anyways, that's my time and day one of Full Figured Fashion Week.  Tonight, I am going to the Indie show.  I can't wait.