Know Your Brands

plus size clothing

If you've been here with me the past month or so, I've been doing more posts helpful tips on  building your wardrobe and becoming a successful online shopper.  Today's post is not any different.  When shopping online, you need to know what you are dealing with in terms of fabric, length, and fit. Knowing the brand will help you make a successful purchase with no returns and your expectations either met or exceeded.  I have a listed a few brands above that I am familiar with and have shopped enough to know what to expect from that brand.  This is a something that you are going to want to pin or bookmark for future reference.  

Note:  These are based on my personal experiences with these brands.  I can't speak for anyone else and their experiences.  This is meant to give you, the shopper, generalities of the brand in question. 

Would you like to see a brand reviewed that you've been curious about?  Comment the brand below and if I'm familiar with the brand I will try to include in the next "Know Your Brands" post.  There are tons of brands out there and I plan on reviewing as many as I can.  Check out the other posts if you haven't as well, Shopping Straight Size & Plus Size Fabric Guide.  Finally, need a measuring tape to accurately measure yourself for online shopping?  I did Garnerstyle measuring tapes just for you.  Get them here.