20 Pieces under $30

 Top |  Shoes |  Jacket |  Shorts |  Earrings | Clutch

So this is the beginning of my 20 plus size pieces under $30 segment.  A really good friend of mine inspired this new segment that I'm going to do once a month. She is what you would call frugal.  I always joke and say that she doesn't want to spend more than $30 on any clothing or accessory item.  I also always get a lot of readers that ask me how they can shop cheaply, but still accomplish the look that they want.  I see deals all the time, but that's probably because it's my job to be on the internet looking for fabulous finds.  Looking for great deals requires you to stalk the your favorite shops and it is work.  I decided to take a little bit of the work out of it for you with my top 20 pics for the month.  I hope you find something that you like.  Let me know what you think of this type of segment.  

Coupon Note:  Some of these items are under $30 with a coupon.  Find the coupon codes below from the retailers I used:  H&M - 0241 - 20% off, Dorothy Perkins - STYLE25 - 25% off, Old Navy - ONEEXTRA15 - 15%off, SimplyBE - 5682 - 30% & Free Shipping, Kohls - TOUCHDOWN - 20% off