Lane Bryant's Iconic Collection...not so Iconic

I wandered into Lane Bryant today after an eyebrow waxing.  I figured I would get up close and personal with the Iconic Collection, look for some jeans, and maybe to even find something to buy.  I generally hate LB's lack of style aesthetic, but I saw a couple of things online that I wanted to see in person.  

The Good:  Unfortunately, there was only piece from the Iconic Collection that I wanted to buy.  The boyfriend jacket.  I personally like the boyfriend looks, but this trend presents a lot of problems for the Curvy Girl.  1.  Baggy clothes/boy fit clothes dont work for women with curves.  We generally look better in things that fit.  I really wanted a BF jacket but I knew with my hips being as exaggerated as they are the a straight cut would not work.  Well what the Iconic did get right was BF jacket.  The jacket was made  of poly and rayon.  It had a cotton w/ stretch feel so even though it was cut straight, but had stretch, so it still fell on my curves nicely.  I got the jacket for $40 was definitely not worth its $128 retail price. 

The Bad:  Everything I tried on was ill fitted.  The question raised in my head,  "did they cut these clothes for regular size women?"  Also the crotch on the pants was way low...none of the pants were flattering.  The only reason I did not take pics, and I'm keeping it real, I did not want any pictures floating around of me looking so TERRIBLE!  I did want to try Jodhpur legging, but they werent in stock.  

The Ugly:  These clothes are marked up considerably, but though the quality was decent, the clothes were nothing that I had to have.  The styles weren't innovative, stylish, and pretty much of all the pieces I tried on (and I tried on at least 10) I found one thing that was buyable.  The Iconic Collection was a bit of a snooze for me:( not at all the "high fashion" looks they advertised. 

Has anyone else had any better luck with the Collection?  I would love to hear your thought.