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Atlanta Meet & Greet

Because of some of your requests for "lil ol' me" to have a meet and greet while visiting Atlanta, I literally whipped one up in the matter of hours.  Life has been really good, but really hectic.  The details are below.  

plus size blogger, Garnerstyle at Twelve24 Boutique in Atlanta

I'm excited to meet all of you!!!  Bring style questions in hand. Gas tank on E, free styling on me!  I told y'all I was ratchet.   What is even better is Twelve24 is a plus size boutique right in the heart of Atlanta and their couldn't be a more perfect place to have this event!  Visit their Facebook & Twitter for details on this Atlanta based boutique.  


  1. Ooh, I have class until 7:30. How long is the Meet & Greet?

  2. 930 or 10...its a school night lol

  3. Congrats on the event!! Have a blast!!

    - Aimee

  4. I live right here and missed it dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't find your blog until today I would have so been there