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5 Things To Do In Israel

The Dead Sea

You can't go to Israel without seeing the Dead Sea.  Vibe Israel planned the perfect day at sea for us.  As a skincare fanatic, I wanted to let my skin enjoy all the benefits of the Dead Sea.  The salt exfoliates your skin. The mud exfoliates your skin.   Besides the Dead Sea you can also purchase skin care products with ingredients from the dead sea.  I would highly recommend Seacret, which is sold right the dead sea.  They have an entire skin care line that includes mud, exfoliates, and other excellent skin care products.  I'd recommend the body butter and the facial serum.  I am still using mine today.  In addition to great skincare, the Dead Sea is like a fun day at the beach.  If you can't swim, no worries, the sea water just picks you up. No strokes needed.

Tips for visiting the Dead Sea

  • Make sure you don't shave or exfoliate. The salt can sting.  My swimsuit was rubbing me in my lower extremities, and I could feel the salt sting.  
  • Bring some sort of wet shoes to walk on the beach with.  It will be painful to walk around the beach without it, because of the salt clumps. 
  • This goes without saying, but do not put your head in the water.  Swallowing dead sea water can be life-threatening or send you to the hospital.  Note there aren't much regarding waves, so there is no fear of being knocked over. 
  • In the mid-summer heat, the Dead Sea may be too warm to go into.  Check online to see when the perfect time is to book your visit.  

Old Jerusalem

This goes without saying, but Old Jerusalem is something you have to see.  From a religious standpoint, it has played a major role in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  From a historical and biblical perspective, Old Jerusalem has so many places of historical and biblical significance.   There's the wailing wall, I believe in Jesus, so to walk the same steps he took gave me such joy.  You also get to see the complicated relationships between the different religious yourself.  Make sure you get a knowledgeable tour guide that knows the history. I learned so much on tour from our tour guide, Amit Greenfield

Besides the religious portion, there was a lot of food to try and sites to see.

Tips for visiting Old Jerusalem

  • Be prepared to walk and climb.  After a day in Old Jerusalem, my step counter said I had taken over 20,000 steps.  Sneakers are a must.
  • There are lots of shops! Bring cash! 
  • Be respectful of the sites.  Pay attention to your surroundings, there is a lot that you can see and touch, but there are also pieces of Old Jerusalem that you won't be allowed to see or touch.  Just be mindful. 

Go Blonde

I have what my mom calls, Chestnut brown hair. I was always deathly afraid of ruining my hair.  Well, a lot of women in Israel have dark hair, and the fantastic Erez Alon's salon (in Tel Aviv) specializes in taking dark brown hair to blonde.  I'm 2 months out from my hair color change, and my hair is still healthy. Not only did Erez and Rachel (their married and adorable) take me blonde, but they also advised me on some products to keep my hair healthy and the color vibrant! I honestly wish I could go to Tel Aviv everytime I needed a touch, but my own husband will probably side-eye me. HA!

You might be wondering how I found such a fantastic hair colorist. Well, Erez Alon's salon was on our tour as we explored Israel's beauty industry.  Erez is a former Loreal ambassador and has worked on shoots all over the world.  He's definitely one of Israel's gems. If you are in Tel Aviv and you want to go blonde, I would swing by Erez' salon.

Tips for going blonde in Israel 

  • Access your hair color - I went live during my dying, but the biggest tip on going blonde and not damaging your hair color is the actual color of your hair.  Black hair is hard to take blonde healthily.  
  • Smartbond or Ora Plex is a must while coloring - Personally, I used Smartbond, which was recommended by Erez.  Make sure your stylist knows how to use the systems.
  • Don't forget your products - I left Israel with products enough for a year or more to take care of my hair.  I'm using the Smarbond 3 for my weekly upkeep. I condition with the smartbond for a few hours every Sunday. I'm also using Biotop Professional Pro Silver Hair Mask and Pro Silver Shampoo to keep my color fresh.   Be warned that there isn't a lot of slip in the Biotop products so hair can get tangled.  I usually just take to my hair stylist, and they apply it in a way to prevent tangling. 

Have Shabbat

I believe that whatever country you visit that you should be able to enjoy something traditional from the culture.  It can be food, a festival, dances, or whatever as long as you take the time to celebrate the culture.  For me, this moment was during the Shabbat dinner. I never had Shabbat, and it was terrific to have a family host us for this traditional Jewish Friday night dinner.  I think the best experience had Erez and Raheli Alon's family host us.  It felt like all my family dinners with loads of laughs, food, and love.

Custom Fragrance

Something that I thought was a treat was visiting the perfume shop of Zielinski & Rozen in Tel Aviv.  I also find it interesting when you visit someone with such a cool career.  Our host was Erez Rozen who is considered a leading voice in the European perfume and fragrance market.  Erez made us all a scent that every time I smell it reminds me of my trip to Israel.  You should visit and have a custom scent made.  Does anyone else think the owner looks like Keanu Reeves?

Photography Credit: Nir Slakman & Ravid Perry
Disclaimer: My travel expenses were cover by Vibe Israel, all opinions are my own. 


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