Not Wearing Heels Doesn't Make You Any Less of A Woman

I spent my 20s in clubs wearing heels, dancing all night and then crawling back to the car, along with my girlfriends, in agony. A common joke amongst my friends and me was "Are my feet are bleeding?"  I was young, I loved wearing heels and my feet, for the most part, could deal.  Now fast forward eight years after a knee injury (torn ACL), horrible balance and I won't have anything to do with any shoes over 2.5 inches and prefer to wear flats over anything else.   I am a fashion blogger, but I don't abide by the heel standard.



Paid for by Macy's and Refinery29. Fall is here and I’m excited for the change of colors and wardrobe. Macy's has some great items to help you with this transition into your fall wardrobe. You can check Macy's out here. Wine is always a classic trend that I use to help me transition my wardrobe to the fall. 


What to Wear Wednesdays: Fall Palette

Get details on the look below:


Brunchin' and Traveling for the Low

How did I get through an entire brunch in a white dress and didn't spill anything?  It's safe to say that small miracles happen everyday. Ha! I was invited to go to a brunch hosted by Rene' from Own by Femme & Jess from HeyGorJess as apart of their Travel Love Grow Tour.  If traveling is something you love or something that you would love to do more these ladies tell you how you can make it accessible even on a limited budget.


That Comfortable Bra For Going Out Or Staying In

I want to be comfortable when I'm at home or when I decide to go out.  No one wants a bra that digs into you for either occasion.  Who says you can't have both comfort and lift in a bra. I found that in these two Vanity Fair bras.  Can I say I just love a snap front bra?!?! I love the convenience and ease of removing it. The Vanity Fair Beauty Back Lace Front Close Bra (the lavendar bra) is back smoothing and is extremely comfortable. 


Santorini & Friends

I was invited to Santorini by Gabifresh to celebrate her 30th birthday. I'm not a mushy person, but I felt honored to be asked and to share this milestone in her life in such an amazing way.  Gabi and I became friends a few years ago. We share a lot of commonalities like background and blogging, but more important than that she is really an awesome person in character and in the plus size space.  I admire her honesty, integrity, and drive. Whether you know or not, she always advocates for women and has helped so many women, including myself, in the influencer space. She is a friend that doesn't mind me calling to bounce an idea off of her or share something confidential to get it off my chest.   With that being said, I don't want to embarrass her, but I know there is just so much that a person can convey online, but yes, she is even more awesome in person. I think you can always judge a person by the people that are around them. I got to share this experience with 14 other fabulous human beings, a lot of whom I didn't know, but that I missed immediately after leaving.  Okay, okay, so let's move past the mushy stuff and onto some trip details. 


Fall Transition For Less With Ross

I got deals on deals on deals. HA! I peeped into Ross Dress for Less this past weekend to do a few updates for my fall wardrobe and I found some really cute pieces to effortlessly integrate into my closet.  The piece I'm most excited is the cropped faux leather jacket.  A good cropped jacket is hard to find. For a cropped jacket to work, it has to hit you in the right area.  Too long or too short and it can make your proportions look off.  Welp, no worries with this one!  I'm in love! It hits me perfectly and only costs me  $40.  The skirt, also purchased at Ross Dress for Less, was only $12 and fits me perfectly.  It's so good, the material is nicely weighted and it hugs the curves perfectly.  These are two pieces that you can rock separately or together, so there's room to get a lot of wear out of the items.  Finally, I am so excited about my bag. I picked it up from $30 in the Ross in Honolulu.  Can you say tassel love? It's so cute and has that bag shape that a lot of the designer bags have. What are some of your amazing Ross Dress Less finds???